Tweak iOS 15.0 – 15.7.1 PaleRa1n Jailbreak tweak list

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13 Haz 2018
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Accent✔️-iOS accent colors in macOS style
AmberChanging flashlight color doesn't work when enabled due to sandboxAmber-ify your LED torch
Amelija✔️-Take full control of your wallpapers on the fly
AtriaWidgets bug out sometimesA proper homescreen layout editor for iOS 13-15
Axon✔️-Notification priority hub tweak
Badger✔️-Notification Badges. Reimagined.
BatteryBoobs✔️-Enable Apple's hidden % in battery
CC On & Off✔️-Toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth fully on/off from Control Center
CCBalance✔️-Change the audio balance from CC
CCSupport✔️-Support tweak for CC modules
Checkl0ckCrashes to safe mode. Not installable anyway since deb control file is munted.A11 devices like iPhone 8/X which have been jailbroken with Checkra1n cannot have passcode or FaceID/TouchID. Checkl0ck is a tweak for such devices to give you back the passcode and biometric capabilities.
ColorMeNotifsCrashes to safemodeBring colors to your notifications
ColorMyBattery✔️-Battery Color based on the battery percentage
DockSearch✔️-Adds a browser search bar to your dock
Dodo✔️-The perfect LS redesign.
Dress✔️-Dress up your lockscreen
DualClock 2LS works, status bar doesn'tAdd 2 time zones to the LS and status bar
EmojiPort (iOS 12.0-14.8)✔️Needs control file editing to installLatest emojis for iOS 12.0-14.8
Eneko✔️-Set a video as your wallpaper
Ersatz✔️-Replace any text, system-wide
Filza File Manager 64-bitPressing on .deb's/binaries crashes the appFile Manager for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
FloatingDockPlus 13/14✔️-Use your dock like a pro
FrontPage✔️-Powerful HTML for the SpringBoard
HideSerialNumber✔️-Hide Serial Number in Settings About page
KalmRespring loopsA beautiful first sight
LaetusUser apps can't be injected without no-sandboxUnparalleled keyboard customisation
LastLook✔️-A last look at your Notification Center when you lock your phone
LockApps✔️-Add an App Library with your favorite apps to the LS
Lower✔️-Change media controls/notifications height on iOS 11+
NeonboardTheming application icons are buggednone
NewTerm 2✔️-A powerful terminal app for iOS
OTADisabler✔️-Delete and disable OTA badge
PerfectTime✔️-Adds second line in status bar for showing the date on notched devices
PomPom✔️-A tidy lock screen redesignnone
ProGestureCrashes to safemodeModern gestures, iPad features, and many unique features but lightweight and less battery drain
PullToRespring✔️-Pull down in Settings to respring
QuitAll✔️-One tweak to quit them all
Relocate RebornDoesn't change locationChanges GPS locationnone
Rose✔️-The most advanced and feature rich system wide haptic feedback tweak
S8Edge✔️-Brings Galaxy S8 Infinity to iOS
ShortLook✔️-Your notifications. At a glance.
ShuffleSometimes crashes settingsMix up your preferences
SmartBattery 2✔️-Battery saving, monitoring, and tuning tweak
SmartNetwork 2✔️-Smart features and functions for internet connections
Snapper 2✔️-Pin screenshots on the screen
SnowBoardTheming application icons are buggedTheming engine
Spectrum✔️-Customize system colors
Starfish BetaActivating spotlight crashesThe long-awaited HS redesign
SwipeExtenderXUser apps can't be injected without no-sandboxReinvent your keyboard with this full remake of the legendary SwipeExpander tweak, designed to work on modern iOS
System Info✔️-System information in Settings app > General > About, and other sections. Set boot-nonce, save shsh, battery info, etc
TakoCrashes to safemodeNotification priority hub tweak
TetherMe✔️-Dynamically enables native tethering for iOS 8+ devices
TranzloUser apps can't be injected without no-sandboxA life savior translator tweak
TweakSettings✔️-Dedicated settings app for tweaks
Ultrasound✔️-The volume HUD you deserve
Vinyl✔️-A simplified look for the lockscreen music player
Xen HTMLCan't add widgetsRun HTML widgets on the Lockscreen and Homescreen
croutons13✔️-Brings croutons tweak to iOS 13+
dotto+✔️-Notifications, your style
lockdown betaDevice says wrong passcode after entering correct oneRe-enables passcode functionality on A10/A11 devices
visum✔️-Wake up and watch the weather directly on your Lock Screen


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4 Nis 2019
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Bilgilendirme için teşekkürler. Bekleyen arkadaşlara hayırlı olsun diyelim mi ? :)


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30 Tem 2018
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araç olarak çıkmaması kötü .. macos şart arkadaşlar